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Become A Partner

What Is A Partner?

We are working with multiple hospitality companies, hotels, brands, PR & communication agencies and tour operators around the world to organise fantastic travel packages for our clients.


Are You A Partner?

If you offer one of the following services, you can immediately request to become our partner:

- Luxury accommodation and catering (Hotel, Resort, Villa, Airbnb, Club, Restaurant, Bar)

- Tour operator

- Transportation service (taxi, bike / car rental, boat trip, airline)

- Entertainment service (snorkeling, surfing, fitness, yoga, cooking, SPA)

- PR, Marketing, Communication Agency

- Freelancer

- Brands (beach wear, clothing, accessories)

How To Apply?

Please send us an email presentation of your business and an idea of ​​how you would like to partner with us, we will be more than happy to read and advise on how we can work together for our next destination.



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