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Leading Tourism Marketing Agency

Lux Travel Official was founded in 2019 by the famous luxury travel content creator Francesco Mancini aka @FrancescoLuxTravel. Thanks to the experience gained over the years in the world of tourism and luxury, our founder decided to create a team of Marketers and help new born and old businesses and individual within the tourism field to build or improve their marketing and communication strategies. 

Social Media Consulting

Build or improve your social media awareness with our social media consultant providing your business the right positioning on the web. We have been working closely with high-end clients and built a long term relationship allowing our clients to achieve excellent results in terms of visibility and leads. From editorial plan to influencer marketing to copywriting to growth strategy.

Creatore di contenuti

Content Creation

With years of experience we are glad to introduce to you our team of photographers and video editors. We are specialized in creating content for businesses within tourism and therefore, thanks to our team, we will be able to create unique and viral content for your businesses or help you do so.

Learn HOW TO Land Successful Collaborations

If you are looking to start your career as content creator or you are struggling in getting your first Brand/Hotel Collaboration, we are here to provide you all the knowledge and tips to land successfully your first collaboration. We are going to take you through step by step what you really need to start working for many brands or get a free/paid stay in the most luxurious properties.

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