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VIP Affiliate Program

For Who?

- Anyone with a social media profile greater than 10,000 followers or verified social media presence;

- Anyone over the age of 18 or adult with children; 


VIP Services

- You will travel for *FREE all over the world;

- You don't have to worry about planning your vacation;

- You will cooperate with well-known companies in the travel industry;

- You will have access to VIP services by traveling with us;

What We Do?

- We are looking for the best hotel, villa, resort for your holidays;

- We plan your travel itinerary;

- We organise collaborations with extraordinary companies;

- We organise extra activities to make your trip unique;

- We recommend the best clubs, cafes and restaurants;

- We assist you during the trip;

- We can provide you with a photographer;



- We do not accept all subscription requests;

- You must have quality content;

- Minimum 10k followers to apply;

- You will have to publish on your feed the tags of the partners you will collaborate with;

- You can make 3 trips a month with us;

- We will need 2 weeks notice to plan the trip;

- Flights and transport are not included;



3 Months Subscription - 300 € per month

* Personal Photographer on request


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